About Us

Stemming from a passion of cultivating and concocting various spice rubs, dry rubs, and hot sauces, we realized that we were making sauces and rubs that were superior to the store bought varieties available. Why? It's simple. Our sauces are made fresh and we only use all natural ingredients. You will be able to taste the difference that this makes.

Now we would like to share these fresh hot sauces and rubs with the world. Wicked Tickle brands include Bhut Kisser, The Defibrillator, Bee Sting, Ol Smokey, Applewood, Garlic Head, Habanero Head, Naturally Select, Redemption Sauce, Verde, Devil's Chili Powder, Black Skull, and Vae Victis. Our scropion chili products are the hottest, you can find them under the Red Tail brand. We have a wide range of products from sauces made from the hottest pepper in the world (ghost chili pepper) to mild chipotle smoked pepper hot sauces. If you are looking where to buy hot sauce, then look no further.

We organically grow peppers and tomatoes on a 20 acre farm in Pennsylvania. We grow organically and never use any chemicals of any kind. We also smoke our peppers and ingredients using organic applewood from our apple orchards. Owned and operated by Electric Pepper Company, LLC.