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Ol' Smokey™ Hot Sauce ( 5 oz)


Where there is SMOKE,
There is Fire!

Ol' Smokey™ Chipotle hot sauce is our finest smoked hot sauce. Virtually everything in this gourmet chipotle pepper sauce is smoked. We take slow smoked applewood smoked jalapeno (chipotle chili peppers) and smoked serrano peppers combined with slow smoked applewood smoked onions, applewood smoked garlic, and applewood smoked apples, combined with our vinegar, tomato, salt, and xanthan gum base. The result is this uniquely intricate super smoked chipotle hot sauce.

If you like to make things smokey, you will love this chipotle hot sauce. This gourmet hot sauce is all natural and the best-by date is two years from the manufacture date. Our gourmet sauces are made fresh weekly in small batches in northwestern Pennsylvania (Made in the USA).

Traditional chipotle peppers are actually jalapenos that are thoroughly smoked. (Talk about the yum factor! We create our own smoke using applewood!)

This is one of our more mild hot sauces. But mind you, there is still some heat.

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