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Wicked Nightmare™ Chili Pepper Capsaicin Extract Hotter Than Ghost and Scorpion


Scorpion chili peppers and ghost peppers are the hottest peppers in the world. However, this Chili Pepper Product is much, much hotter than those. Wicked Nightmare™ chilli pepper extract (pure capsaicin) comes in at over 2,000,000 scoville units, and is HPLC verified to be over that amount.

Do not consume this product directly. It is to be used as a food additive only, a little at a time. Not for sale to anyone under the age of 18.

Warning: Severely hot, lasting over 10 minutes. Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition. Do not get in your eyes, on your skin, or on your clothing. Keep out of the reach of children. Milk can provide temporary relief from the burn of this product.

Ingredients: Chili pepper extract (pure capsaicin) and purified evil. If you like the heat from ghost peppers and scorpion chili peppers, but still need something even hotter, then this is for you. This makes a perfect gift for those who say nothing is ever hot enough (but beware, this is an insanely hot hot sauce).

Description: Wicked Nightmare smells quite nice, you can smell the fruitiness of the chilies and the evilness of the heat. The flavor is a slight chili pepper taste followed by an intense (and we mean, intense) crippling heat lasting for over 10 minutes. Ten minutes of your life that you will never get back! If you are a looking for a melt-your-face hot sauce product, then you abslutely need this chili extract in your collection. We also suggest checking out our other XXX hot sauces: Ghost and Scorpion.

If you are a fan of ghost pepper and scorpion hot sauces, you will love this chili extract as it gives you control over the heat of your favorite recipes without changing the flavor.

You get a 15 ml container with a dropper for total control over the use of this product. One drop is all you should need.

Some recognize that the scorpion chili is the worlds hottest chili with scoville tests that come in at over 1,200,000 scolville units. The ghost pepper was the former record holder at over 1,000,000 scoville. This extract is over 2,000,000 scoville. It should last you a really long time unless you have a severe heat problem. Be very careful, a drop goes a long way. It's like being at ground zero during a nuclear blast with your mouth open! (You have been warned.)

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