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Search our AWARD-WINNING Hot Sauces, Powders, Spices, and Seed Pods - made in the USA - Electric Pepper Company at PickYourPepper.comFind By Chili Type - Hot Pepper Sauces, Powders, Spices, & Seed Pods

Buy AWARD-WINNING Hot Sauces, Powders, Spices, and Seed Pods - Electric Pepper Company at PickYourPepper.comSearch our award-winning hot sauces, chili powders, spices, and seed pods by the Chili Type you are interested in. All-natural hot pepper products made in the USA by Electric Pepper Company.

Our award-Winning Hot Pepper Sauces are made fresh in small batches using all-natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives with the exception of the ghost pepper extract and the habanero pepper extract that we make at our shop. We strive to bring you the finest award-winning hot sauces with unique gourmet flavors, and of course Heat (SHU - Scoville Heat Unit) ranging from Mild Hot Sauces to Extremely Hot Hot Sauces.

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