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Wicked Tickle Dried Whole Ghost Chili Peppers 10+2 Free

Wicked Tickle Ghost Peppers 10 Pack Plus 2 Free
UPC 796762848522
Hot hot are ghost peppers? The world's hottest hot chili, Bhut Jolokia aka Ghost Pepper, is extremely hot...coming in at over 1,000,000 scoville units. This is the best place to buy ghost peppers. You get 10 hand picked, high quality, dried whole peppers. If you eat one ghost pepper you will be in severe will sweat and cry, it's that hot.
We use these ghost peppers in our ghost pepper hot sauces Bhut Kisser, The Defibrillator, XXX, and Bee Sting as well as our Spice Rubs Black Skull and Devil's Chili Powder. Do not use ghost peppers if you have a heart condition. USE WITH CAUTION!!!!
Once we harvest our peppers they are air dried or smoked with apple wood with organic apple wood from our organic apple orchard. Sunlight can degrade capsaicin, the chemical that makes ghost peppers so hot.  We only air dry our peppers with low heat to maximize the capsaicin content of our peppers. These are whole ghost pepper pods with seeds. Very very hot. We sell the world's hottest chile, buy ghost peppers from Wicked Tickle at
Ghost Peppers are the world record holding hottest chili pepper. Use them with extreme caution. Do not use ghost peppers if you have a respiratory or heart condition.
UPC 796762848522
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